Strength Indicators

Stop getting stuck buying a stock only to see the price move against you the next day. Our strength indicators quickly show you which way a stock’s price is currently moving and how strong that trend is.

Market Scanner

We scan thousands of data points in the market and update our indicators daily so you can easily find and identify stocks that are ripe for picking.

Trading Bot

Our trading bot navigates through the murky waters of the market and runs a backtest of trading strategies for every stock. You can follow the trades it makes to see what strategies were successful or use it to get ideas of where to enter and exit trades.


Don't swim against the current and get caught buying stocks other traders are betting against. Our sentiment indicators give you a view of how others are trading so you can follow the flow of the market.

Broker Import

Import trades from your broker, or enter trades manually into our system. We hope to soon support all major brokers.

Manage Portfolios

Keeping track of multiple portfolios is difficult. Manage all of them in one spot and track their individual performance from our dashboard.

Track Trades

Easily view your old trades so you can learn what you did right or how the market acted against you. Each position you take will be analyzed with reports and metrics to provide you with some insight on your positions.

Portfolio Reports

Track your performance across multiple categories like performance by time, symbol, market conditions and sectors. Our reports aim to help you understand where you succeed and give you better information on the health of your trades.

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